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What GeoRevive Offer

Fertilizer Saving

This product reduces the usage of fertilizing components compared to the traditional landscaping and farming.

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GeoRevive helps you

Reduces water consumption by up to 90% thus saving water and helps in water Conservation.

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Less maintenance

The service especially manpower is very expensive nowadays. Our product allows less control of the ground because of its component structure.

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Strong root development

Root growth is stimulated. This leads to healthier plant growth.

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Green GeoEarth

Green Geo Earth is an eco-centric and environmental friendly company. After many years of intensive development and research, the owners of the company have decided to place their business in the kingdom of Bahrain, which took happened 2009.

Their aim was to cover all agriculture and landscaping needs of the entire GCC region. Green Geo Earth is in manufacturing company which could use a unique on its own product called GEO revive. The company also provides and deliver processes through the entire world. With strategic location, Green GeoEarth has a privilege to respond efficiency and quickly to their customer needs. Geo Revive has been endorsed and acquired by many private and corporative customers as well as ministries. Establishing the hub of the GCC region provides the company to customers facing all-time.

Preservation & Creation

After many years of intensive research and development a decision was taken to be located in the Middle East. Extensive and successful field test in the region helped in finalising our location setup. The head office and factory was then set up in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Since its inception in 2009 our aim has been to cater to the agriculture and landscaping sectors.

At Green Geoearth we produce a material called GeoRevive. A biodegradable product which last up to 8 years is designed to store water and slowly release minerals and ingredients, enabling the plants to absorb from the root system.

Reduces water consumption by up to 90% thus saving water and helps in water Conservation. Reducing the usage of fertilizers, virtual elimination for the need of additional fertilizers externally as the minerals and plant ingredients are incorporated in the material. Resulting in strong and healthy root development and enhancing establishment for healthier plant growth leading to better yields.

Increase high survival rates of newly established plants. It is a One-time ‘Set & Forget’ long lasting application, biologically decomposing over a period of up to 8 years (research tested). Works successfully for both indoor and outdoor plants and is Non toxic and harmless to humans, animals and live stock.

GeoRevive has been tested rigorously in the Middle East and Australia on arid and semi arid land. It drastically reduces construction costs in large scale projects. Very Cost effective maintenance. In addition boasts of high survival rates of newly established plants.

Our work

About us

Green GeoEarth provides the growth expertise in the field of landscaping, agriculture and horticulture in arid and semi-arid regions.


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